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Replica as a Service is deployed as subscription based platform and API access that allows users to gauge narratives and analytics by topic. All narratives (200+) and analytics are updated and recalibrated daily allowing the continued rebalancing of their trading and investment strategies.

Replica as a service runs purely in a cloud environment, with a scalable architecture that allows the generation and consumption of millions of data points per second through our web platform and our API.

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How does it work

Monitoring the global conversation

The global conversation is made of time narratives revolving around actors or topics. Narratives are theme consistent n-grams with measurable quantitative or qualitative information such as location, frequency and the emotional charge held in the narrative towards the subject (animosity)

Narratives background


  • Green transition (ESG)

    Media narratives on the development of the climate change and its effect on corporate activities, portfolios and transition risk.

  • Covid 19 treatment

    As the global pandemic develops the performance producers of vaccine and other treatments has effects on corporate shares

  • Cryptos

    The conversation regarding the legitimization of bitcoin and other currencies in times of financial turmoil or repression

  • Infrastructure push

    As governments everywhere try to update all infrastucture capabilities a lot of options and expectations flourish around construction sector related companies

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API docs

All technical data, sentiment indices and share price replicas are produced on a high frequency basies. Bulk users such as trading platforms or social netoworks can ingest them via API

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