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A solution to maximize portfolio & trading returns by means of exploiting perception and media sentiment from narratives.

What is Replica

Replica® is a solution that extracts value from media narratives. Especially in times of hype. Replica® is .aftermath aSW’s technology that grants users the ability to exploit narratives from the global media.

Sentiment which is associated with the market perception of a company or an issue is converted into a signal that can be used as a predictor of that company's market performance.

Our business model is built on a license base platform under single user or wholesale trading platform domain. With our solution we help wealth managers and traders to build optimized portfolios and design alpha generating strategies.

Our product

Main features

REPLICA uses all the power of semantic analysis and bayesian statistics to help you maximising alpha in your trading strategies or in high conviction fundamental investment activity

An example of the Narratives section of the Replica dashboard

Feature A

Narratives are latent unobservable processes shared across topics and subjects

Feature B

Narratives are event driven with limited scope and duration. Eventually they subside and are replaced by others

Feature C

Sentiment underlying narratives is forward looking. May condition the building of expectations.

Over 85%

of all web information is non structured

By 2025

nearly half a trillion Gbyte of new information will be created daily


accuracy improves out of sample forecast under bayesian use of semantic information

A tool to forecast asset prices using media sentiment. These forecasts may be subject to portfolio optimization or retailed as alternative data for investment and trading purposes

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